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Dignity health mercy san juan nicu


Carmichael, CA

Project Type


Pieces Installed 


Design Task

ACS worked with the design firm and the project team at Dignity Health to complete this meaningful artwork collection at the Mercy San Juan Hospital's NICU in Carmichael, CA. This project is what the ACS values are all about - when art is more than art.  We set out to create an artwork collection that would provide hope and inspiration to the patients and families as well as the incredible professionals who serve in this unit with immeasurable passion and dedication. The key centerpiece of the project was the custom NICU Graduates Display. In order to begin the process for the display, we attended the 30th Anniversary Reunion event, and with the inspired idea of the nurse manager, we set up photo booths to capture the beautiful faces of what they call the "graduates". These kids began life in the NICU and are now home with their families. Our goal in celebrating the graduates with this unique custom designed display, was to provide hope and strength to the parents and families who are now in the waiting room going through this experience. The entire collection also included a resin piece by Maren Conrad, a silk and glass commission from an international artist, and the gorgeous ‘Mother and Child’, done by renowned Sacramento artist David Garibaldi, which was purchased and donated by one of the NICU physicians.

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