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Healing HeARTS Gallery
Celebrating Our UC Davis Health Community 

Image_HOPE Fulfilled_D Van Dolah.jpeg
"HOPE Fulfilled"
Mixed Media Collage
"Thank you for taking a moment to share my healing though art project.
I am Donna Van Dolah, artist, photographer, and bridge. 
From the time I was a child of four, laying on the floor with a pad of newsprint paper, and Crayola crayons have I used the creative process to discover how art heals, creates hope, and transforms trauma into strength and courage by connecting me to Creator, my spirit. 
It took many years for before I would understand that ART was my healing modality. It was my journal. My way of processing the hurt, harm, anger, and fear to connect with Creator and transcend the hurt and harm. 
“HOPE Fulfilled”
Reflects my personal journey with breast cancer: diagnosis, surgery, chemo, and radiation. 
For more than a year and a half I moved through a very challenging and fearful experience, however, that experience and dis-ease did not, and does not define me.
This piece combines photography, acrylic, objects, and poetry to capture the other side of the journey landing in a place of “HOPE Fulfilled”. Originally, it was called “HOPE”, however, today it truly reflects HOPE Fulfilled.
Photographing myself throughout the medical process I turned into my fear and pain to transmute, transform, and transcend it. I found the courage to recognize that I am not my hair, my eyebrows, or my body parts. I ‘m a reflection of courage, bravery, healing, hope and wholeness.
Following the creation of this painting, I reached out to many other women and created my own, “Healing Through Art” show which showcased beautiful women who experienced their own journey of breast cancer. Meeting each woman in-person, and sharing our stories created a synergy and a sisterhood that would not have happened, if not for the dis-ease. 
What a gift to me! To be able to offer support, kindness, love, and a sisterhood – to reach out my hand and help another cross the bridge of fear and recognize the beautiful, divine being that each woman is and or was.
Thank you, for reflecting, contemplating, and feeling HOPE Fulfilled."
D Van Dolah_ head shot.jpeg
Donna Van Dolah
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