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Giving Back


With over 3 decades of combined experience in the business and fine art world, the team at ACS is dedicated to continually mentoring and educating emerging artists about working with art consultants and commercial projects. We screen and recruit emerging, mid-career and established artists on a regular basis, and are extremely gratified when an artist we've found is able to successfully complete their first corporate commission through Art Consulting Services.
ACS is a proud sponsor of Joshua's House Hospice, a hospice for terminally ill homeless men and women of Sacramento. Their mission is to provide supportive comfort and restore dignity to the terminally ill homeless people in Sacramento. ACS fully supports their goal to end the cycle of vulnerable people dying on the streets.
ACS supports non-profit organizations such as WEAVE, a crisis intervention center providing services in Sacramento County.  ACS contributed services and artwork for WEAVE’s new facilities, where original artwork was generously supplied by artists and suppliers in partnership with ACS.
ACS has supported this annual fundraiser "Trek Against Trafficking" which helps the Point West Rotary Foundation support the work of WEAVE. Donations help raise awareness and funding for survivors of sex trafficking in the Sacramento region.
ACS is also an Artisan Mind sponsor, and is active in lending artwork for their ARTZ Delivers program. Artisan Mind uses art, creativity and cultural institutions to help people living with Alzheimer’s disease. They use artistic experiences as keys to unlock imagination, which gives the opportunity to create new memories, strengthen relationships and enrich lives in fundamental ways.
ACS also partners with the Eskaton Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to improve the lives of seniors through innovative programs that support live-at-home programs and retirement community care. Through financial donations, hosting outreach events, and  enthusiastically spreading the word about Eskaton's senior programs throughout the community, ACS is proud to be listed as one of the Eskaton Foundation's philanthropic partners.
ACS was honored to participate in the CPS HR Consulting Annual Children's Book Drive in 2018 and 2019. CPS HR Consulting is a valued client of ACS and holds a book drive each year. In the latest book drive they donated 1,822 books to the River Oak Center for Children. Click the image to the right to view the press release for this charitable event.
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