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artist Submissions

ACS is always interested in connecting with new artists! We're known for the innovative way we combine local and international artists with various media in the same project. All levels of career are encouraged to submit work, we are proud to mentor emerging artists.  An overview of media we are interested in for our projects are various free standing, wall, and suspended sculpture, murals, tech art, green art, original paintings, limited editions, digital files with a single use license to print, photography, fiber, mixed media, and anything new and interesting!
Please list your website link and pricing information or upload your pricing document and we will respond within 2 weeks. Thank you for your interest! 
Please note: Our artist recruiter is currently on maternity leave until May 2022. Submissions will still be received however responses will be delayed until she returns. We thank you for your patience!

Thanks! Your submission has been received. Our artist recruiter will review your work and respond within two weeks.

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