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cpmc medical office building



San Francisco, CA

Project Type


Pieces Installed 


Design Task

ACS worked with the developer and the architectural team to provide a piece for the lobby that was contemporary, sophisticated, and spoke universally to medicine and healthcare while also having a "wow" factor when visitors entered the space. This commissioned 3D, multi-media installation in the heart of San Francisco welcomes visitors into the lobby of the new CPMC Campus Medical Office Building, and can be seen from the street at night. Beautiful kiln-formed glass laid within hand-worked custom metal floats in front of three light panels displaying a microscopic image of willow bark. Willow bark was used for thousands of years to provide pain relief, as it contains salicin, an active ingredient similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). 

Key Features

Commissioned 3D, multi-media piece consisting of three 

10' x 4' panels of back-lit glass with layers of steel and kiln-formed glass fixed on top.

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