gio apartments


Sacramento, CA

Project Type


Pieces Installed 


Design Task

ACS worked with the architectural team to achieve their goal of creating an environment that combined a local aesthetic with an urban, contemporary feel. These apartments were constructed in the heart of Sacramento, minutes from downtown and the UC Davis medical school. The modern style of the apartments was aimed at the young professional demographic. ACS worked with local artists to create commissioned pieces that added the finishing touches to this unique and cohesive artwork collection.

Key Features

Mural in leasing office made by local artist Maren Conrad

Custom blown glass wall sculptures by local artists Tate and Aaron Bezdek at 2BGlass

Custom signage and maintenance-free moss wall in parking garage created by local artist Kifumi Keppler

Custom metal sculptures in Sky Lounge

Over-sized canvases throughout corridors 

Black and white photography of local landmarks on metal

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