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Kaiser Permanente Milpitas


Milpitas, CA

Project Type 


Pieces Installed 


Design Task

For this Milpitas, California Healthcare refresh, ACS has curated a collection that highlights local artists and showcases and celebrates this South Bay community in the greater San Jose area. The collection includes an eclectic array of 80 pieces of artwork featuring works from 14 artists, spanning various media, subjects, and display types. Among these, a stunning 26-foot-tall custom digital illustration, three hand-blown glass displays, a unique ceramic composition, and an intricate glass mosaic. As visitors journey through the building, these artistic elements captivate and enchant, offering moments of joy and reflection. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of nature, expansive wall graphics provide soothing and tranquil backdrops in many of the reception areas. In a vibrant celebration of the community's multicultural tapestry, we've infused the space with bright and bold hues, ensuring every image creates a sense of belonging for the staff, patients, and visitors.

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