Kaiser permanente San Rafael MOB

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San Rafael, CA

Project Type


Pieces Installed


Design Task

The ACS team worked with the KP leadership team and the interior design team for 3.5 years from the beginning stages of this new 150,000 sq/ft MOB in San Rafael, CA to instrument a dynamic 190 piece artwork collection. The collection includes a 350lb suspended sculpture in the atrium that is visible from all three floors. The ACS design team met with structural engineers throughout the project phases to ensure the structural integrity as the sculpture hangs from a skylight and is 42' long. The collection also incorporates specialty art from 24 artists as we aimed to provide a gallery experience as visitors walk through the space. These key commissions included two wooden wall sculptures, an acrylic wall sculpture, two metal wall sculptures and a painted eggshell display. The ACS design team also produced 3 in-house designed backlit 400lb panels that were an educational element in the space featuring imagery of plants that heal with an accompanying plaque providing information about the plants and their healing properties. For the pediatric waiting area, we created a custom designed acoustic Lego inspired panel welcoming patients to the space. The artwork collection extended outside as well where we commissioned a southern CA artist team to create a __ft metal sculpture to adorn the parking garage entrance that can be seen from the street and from the entrance to the MOB. Lastly, ten wall coverings behind reception areas, in the cafe and in the physical therapy gym topped off this incredible project.