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NorthBay Healthcare Medical Center expansion


Fairfield, CA

Project Type


Pieces Installed 


Design Task

ACS came onto this project in 2014, the beginning of the planning phase for the expansion of the hospital. Understanding the medical organization’s branding, vision and style, ACS established the artwork master plan to unify and keep everything cohesive throughout all of their locations. With the master plan goals in mind, the site features artwork capturing the hills and landscape of the surrounding area, as well as showcasing artwork by Northern California artists. In addition, ACS created a custom interchangeable frame system to display the Daisy Award winners from the nursing staff. This not only allowed for recognition of the award recipients, but also allowed for future awardees to be added within the modern display. Lastly, ACS worked closely with NorthBay’s PR and leadership team to create an eye-catching, contemporary display of NorthBay’s story, where they are today, and where they are going in the future. This display talks about their founders, their growth and their vision of providing advanced medicine to their community. 

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