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Sutter Health senior care pace

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Sacramento, CA

Project Type

Healthcare/Senior care

Pieces Installed 


Design Task

Sutter Health approached ACS to compete for this special project. ACS was awarded the project after presenting our unique, budget-friendly approach to Sutter's leadership. ACS saw this as an opportunity to explore what the program participants would truly enjoy during their daily visits to the site. ACS achieved this by holding two focus groups with select participants and discussed art options. The focus groups surprised leadership and the outcome was highly enjoyed by all.  

Key Features

4'x10' commissioned painting by local artist inspired by participant feedback

Black and white photography groupings of iconic historic celebrities enjoyed and conversed about by the participants in focus groups

Interactive gallery of interchangeable Master's works accompanied by failure-proof questions to assist with memory-care participants

Interchangeable acrylic system to display participant's artwork in three areas throughout the site

Custom framed photography featuring memory-care sensitive imagery, vintage subject matters,

and California "road trip" destinations

Vintage local event posters

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