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UC Davis Health healing hearts gallery


Sacramento, CA

Project Type 


Pieces Installed 


Design Task

The ACS team was deeply inspired by the caring leadership that prompted UCDH’s executives to ask us for our help with this important project.  With the devastating international toll that COVID had taken on all levels of healthcare workers the past 3+ years, the goal of this project was to engage, inspire and uplift their heroic staff and celebrate the larger story of who they are as people.


The call for art was met with resounding enthusiasm and an amazing array of talented submissions. Staff members were encouraged to create art in response to the theme “Hope”. ACS developed an elegant and contemporary solution so that the artworks can be rotated and new collections presented periodically.


The opening night was as packed as a New York City gallery event with hundreds of people in attendance. A favorite feature was the ability to scan the QR code next to each piece to see a photo of the artist, their biography, and a story about the piece itself.


Celebrating the larger community, the staff, and the art they make was an especially meaningful mission that ACS was honored to be a part of.

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