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Healing HeARTS Gallery
Celebrating Our UC Davis Health Community 

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"The Good With The Bad"
Screen print and wood cut on handmade kitakata paper
"This work is about acknowledging balance in life. There is good, there is bad, but mostly, I find that there is in between. Achieving balance in life is something I strive for.
I have always made art. If I am not working on a creative project or making something, I don’t feel quite right. As a healthcare professional, it is especially good for me to have an outlet to express myself. The subject matter in my art usually reflects my life, but not always. Sometimes I make art with no meaning in mind, just because it feels good. A meaning might become clear later. It might not.
Art doesn’t judge. Art doesn’t care how you are feeling when you make it. It’s just always there for you to make. Art is therapeutic. Art is hopeful. I always feel better after I’ve made something. And that’s really why I love it."
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Brandon Stahlman
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