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Healing HeARTS Gallery
Celebrating Our UC Davis Health Community 

Come and Go.jpg
"Come and Go"
Just like the wind. This photo was taken during the pandemic in San Francisco by iPhone X.
"Eyes behind the lens. I’m an observer. What photography taught me is capturing moments and live in these moments. During pandemic, I saw people struggling with illness, loneliness, and emptiness. What’s the meaning of life, where is love, where is the hope? I asked myself too when I was in dilemma. When I felt this, I took my camera, walked around the city, and captured moments that could express my feelings. Depression, sorrow, peace, delight, and love all exist at one moment. Just like the wind, feelings come, and go. We cherish every moment of joy and let go every moment of sorrow. Hope is always there in every moment; we must learn to capture it. Also sharing with people who need this and getting feedback bring hope to me."
Hengyue Song.jpg
Hengyue Song
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