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Healing HeARTS Gallery
Celebrating Our UC Davis Health Community 

Unknown-1 (2).jpeg
"Lonely but Beautiful"
Acrylic on canvas stretched on gator board
"In difficult times, as an artist, I tend to feel responsible to spread hope and positivity through my art.
I am participating today with an artwork that is dear to my heart, "Lonely but Beautiful". The artwork has 2 different images, the first image shows a crying child, sitting alone, and surrounded by darkness. The other image is seen when we rotate the painting upside down, we will be able to see a bright red shiny rose!
The idea behind this artwork is to show that it is okay not to be okay. We go through difficult times, we fall, we feel lonely sometimes even if we are surrounded by many people. But we learn to grow stronger with every difficulty we encounter, we get up faster after every fall, and this is what the flower represents, how beautiful such a movement is, a moment of strength, hope, and transformation."
Tasneem Salah
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